Is It Scary?

Absolutely. This isn’t your mom & dad’s haunted house where people just jump out and go “Boo!” We’ve worked long and hard to create the most horrifying experience possible.

But Is It Really Scary?

Look, if you don’t like loud noises, dark, tight, enclosed spaces, and pretty much anything designed to scare the living heck out of you, then this probably isn’t for you.

Is There An Age Limit?

No. The Rotting Flesh Factory is an All Ages Event. However, Parental Discretion is ADVISED! Be smart about your kids going through. Children under 10 will not be allowed in without Parental Supervision. You’re the parent- you be the judge. A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t bring your child to a PG-13 rated movie, it’s probably not a good idea to bring them to a haunted house.

When Are You Open?

The Rotting Flesh Factory is open every weekend starting Friday, October 6th – Tuesday, October 31st. Want more info, visit our Calendar page We open at 7:30PM and close when the last soul goes through… get here early!

Can pregnant women go through the haunted house?

We do not recommend pregnant women to go through the haunted house. We suggest calling your OBGYN and/or Physician to discuss the situation with them.

If I have asthma, heart problems or a medical condition can I go through?

We do not recommend people with asthma or ANY medical condition to go through the haunted house. We suggest calling or emailing your Physician to discuss the situation with them since we have numerous fog machines & strobe lights throughout the haunted house. If your doctor thinks you’ll be fine, we definitely recommend bringing your inhaler or another device that may help you breathe better.

We also don’t recommend people with epilepsy, heart issues and pregnant women go through the haunted house as well. We just want everyone to have a safe time.

How Many Can Enter In Our Group?

On a slow night, 3-5 people can go at a time. On busy night, the groups will be approximately 8-10 people.

How Long Is The Wait?

The Rotting Flesh Factory has one of the FASTEST LINES in the Haunted House industry. On average the wait is about 45 minutes. However, there are nights when the wait can be much longer than that, so it’s best to arrive early! Or purchase pre-sale, online TICKETS! You can skip the ticket booth and save some time! Or you can get a VIP Line Cutter with a Free T-Shirt! Choose the ticket you want and come!

What Time Do You Open/Close?

Doors open a little after 7:30PM, but get here early to avoid the wait. We close usually around 11PM/Midnight, depending on the night. Saturdays are usually later, but get here before 11PM if you want a guarantee we’re open. Want more info, visit our Calendar page.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are multiple ticket options, but typically it costs $20 for a General Admission ticket at the door. We do also sell pre-sale, online TICKETS, where you can skip the ticket booth and just hop in the General Admission line. We’ll scan your ticket QR code once ready! You can also Purchase VIP Line Cutters at the door for $40. Those get you to the front of the line, no waiting, AND a FREE t-shirt for each purchased ticket.

What's The Difference In Ticket Options?

There are two ticket options.

$20 for General Admission.

$40 for VIP Immediate Access Tickets. This ticket has NO WAIT. You go right in. AND… You get a free t-shirt!

Can I Buy Tickets In Advance?

Yes! In fact this is strongly encouraged. If you buy your tickets online you can skip the ticket-booth line, and walk right into the General Admission line! A Rotting Flesh Factory employee will scan your ticket at the door.

Can I Be Kicked Out?

Yes. We DO NOT ALLOW any of the following: foul language, pushing, fighting, vulgar behavior, weapons OF ANY KIND, alcohol, drugs, or lewd/drunk behavior. The first violation of these rules will be a warning, and after a second you will be asked to leave WITHOUT A REFUND. We have Harlingen PD on site, and you will be arrested for fighting or hitting other customers or Rotting Flesh Factory actors.

Do You Have Group Rates?

Yes. Groups MUST purchase their group package AT LEAST 48hrs in advance. Group Rates start at 25 people OR MORE. For more info visit our group sales page.

Will The People Inside Touch Me?

No. However, they do get VERY close. Occasionally you may brush up against them, or other walls or spirits inside.  The Spirits will NOT touch you… and you DO NOT touch them.

Can I Take Photos?

Outside the Rotting Flesh Factory or while in line, yes. However, once you enter the haunt, photos are not allowed. Please respect our demon’s requests.

Are You Open If It Rains?

Yes. Rotting Flesh Factory is an indoor haunted house, and our line even forms inside our building. Unless there is a Hurricane, huge storm or act of God we will be open. Follow our Facebook page for the latest info.

Do You Have Any Snacks For Sale?

Yes. We have a small snack bar with sodas, water, chips and some candy.

I Didn't Go Through... Can I Get My Money Back?

No. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. You are entering a Haunted House to get scared. If you are too scared to go through, then we did an EXCELLENT job on delivering. You should consider tipping us for such prompt service. :]

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes! Credit Card tickets are $21+tax each.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. The Rotting Flesh Factory has Harlingen PD present at all times, including our own security staff, to make sure everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience.

Can I Go Through More Than Once?

If you bought a ticket, went through, and want to go through again… You need ANOTHER NEW TICKET. Each ticket only allows you ONE ENTRANT through The Rotting Flesh Factory.

Do You Have Restrooms?

Yes! Inside our building we have Mens & Womens restrooms. Better go before you enter. At least one person a night pees their pants.

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. People who enter the Rotting Flesh Factory with HEELS, Sandals, or any other non-protective shoe will be entering at their own risk. We also recommend NOT wearing dresses, suits, or “nice clothes.”

How Long Does It Take To Go Through?

Once you get inside the Rotting Flesh Factory, the experience can last a good a while! It all depends on how you deal with fear. Some groups move very fast right through and some groups take their time. The Rotting Flesh Factory is the LARGEST indoor haunt in South Texas, so you’ll be in there long enough to get plenty scared!

What about people cutting the line?

Listen we understand on certain nights the wait can be long. We ask that if you do hold someone’s place in line, please make sure that person returns immediately. Sometimes people need to go to the restroom, the ticket booth, or want to get a photo with our actors. If you’re holding a space in line for friends/family that will be arriving later, we will kindly ask you to please step to the back to allow other patrons ahead.