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The all new Rotting Flesh Factory with more scares from your most terrifying nightmares. Tickets only $20. You haven't seen anything yet.

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Any last questions before entering the factory? Here's your last chance before our monsters take your soul for eternity. Tickets only $20!


Now In 3D!Now In 3D!

The Rotting Flesh Factory is the first Haunted House in South Texas to be in 3D. Experience true terror in another dimension.

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Thank You From our - 2013 Family!

Thanks to all the souls who made it out alive at this year's Rotting Flesh Factory! Until next year... we'll see you in your nightmares!


It matters not whether you believe in good and evil or heaven and hell?  Tell that to those who visit The Rotting Flesh Factory.

Back in the early 1980s a family opened a toy store in the downtown Harlingen district. The first two weeks were filled with giddy children desperately tugging their parents into the emporium, but then something changed. One by one, each doll, jack-in-the-box, and teddy bear was returned. The family found it peculiar that not one person asked for their money back. Some never made it into the store, they simply left the discarded toy propped up against the front door.

Having just moved to Harlingen, the family figured it was just an odd cultural thing they didn’t quite understand. It wasn’t until they witnessed an eerie woman with cat-like features, always donning a ridiculously large top hat and a burgundy coat, peering into their shop windows. The woman was described as having a creepy smile and a stare that dared to steal your soul.

On more than one occasion, the family reported their dogs growling at all the toys in the shop at 2:00am every morning. Each time worse than the last: sheets were yanked off their beds by some invisible force, knives were found stabbed into the walls, and in their mirrors lived the woman with her monstrous legion staring back at them, just watching. And then one Halloween Night, the family claimed the toys all came to life and attacked.

Though domestic violence was suspected, it was never proven since none of the best doctors could explain the family’s injuries that consisted of unearthly bite marks and deeply scrawled scratches upon their flesh. The family left the Valley with only the clothes on their backs. Never to return.

Though 602 W. Van Buren lay vacant for years, stories of trapped souls screaming within those walls still run rampant. No one ever dares walk by that building, not even in daylight. However, that all changes for one month out of the year when The Rotting Flesh Factory opens its doors, and everyone hears its call. Can you face your fears?